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Attend our next meeting

  • Each person coming to the table brings a unique perspective. We want to hear each of your voices and views, so please come to a meeting to explore how you fit and how you want to be involved.
  • Learn relevant skills that can go on a resume, attend our free trainings, and meet some wonderful people!
  • Ultimately, our goal is to hear the voice of YOUTH and FAMILIES, and be able to strategize on how to improve systems of care for our community. We welcome your participation in whatever way is comfortable to you!

Join the YFC as a member

  • A "member" of the YFC is an individual who has attended 2-3 meetings, wishes to be an active participant in the group, and wishes to be added to our email distribution list.
  • On our Facebook page, we have further conversations about topics that are discussed in the meetings, as well as share trainings and events as a way to continue the momentum of our monthly meetings.

Bring Peers, friends, and colleagues

  • We welcome guests to any of our meetings, so PLEASE bring your friends, colleagues, peers, or family members to attend and see how you can get involved in the YFC!

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